CLC System Breezes through Airport Floor – Canada

Concrete Resources, Inc. polished 15,000 SF near the International Airport in Edmonton, AB using the CLC Diamond System.

Darcy Manchak, owner of Concrete Resources, said, “What we were pleased to find is that the diamonds worked exactly as advertised. We did not have issues with scratch marks between steps ”“ productivity and diamond life were spot on. I will use the system again because of its predictable results and faster turnaround time (with excellent results).”

  • Project: Shell Aero Centre 2 ”“ Edmonton International Airport
  • Area: 15,000 SF (1,500 M2)
  • Completed by: Darcy Manchak, Owner of Concrete Resources Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • Website:

Walking Through the Steps

Concrete Resources was asked to provide a polished concrete floor with full aggregate exposure, filled saw cuts, and an easy-to-maintain finish. The work was completed with two Prep/Master® 3030 grinders and the STI CLC diamond system. The concrete was poured in two different colors poured tight and required decorative saw cuts to clean up the joints that would later be filled.

They started with a 16-grit diamond wet (two directions) to open and expose the coarse aggregate followed by CLC #1 diamond used dry. They continued with CLC #2 wet and found that it completely removed any scratches left from the earlier diamonds. There was a consistent aggregate exposure at this point.

CLC #3 and CLC #4 were used wet. The floor polyurethane caulking was installed, scraped flush, and ground to remove overburden stains. They then finished with CLC #3 through CLC #7 ”“ cleaning the floor in between steps and producing a flat mirror finish to the floor. The floor was sealed with a deep penetrating sealant and the customer was provided with product and instructions for maintenance.

Manchak said that overall diamond life was exactly as advertised for this floor and he found the results as good or better than other systems they have used in the past, but actually worked at a quicker pace.