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IMPACTS Americas Shot Blasters

Your Partner for Mobile Surface Preparation

IMPACTS Americas and IMPACTS GmbH, our German parent company, is a partnership of people that have in excess of 100 years of combined experience in the mobile surface preparation industry. The IMPACTS shot blasters have been designed and built from scratch by their head engineer to provide a machine series that is truly unmatched in reliability, production, and most importantly, durability.

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IMPACTS DC4025 Dust Collector

  • Capacity: 52 gal. (200 liters)
  • Suitable for larger grinding machines or shot blasters
  • Collects fine toxic silica dust to protect operators
  • All-in-one “lifting lock” for the dust bin handling
  • Can be split into two units

IMPACTS Americas Shot Blasters for Sale 

IMPACTS Americas is the North American distributor for IMPACTS GmbH, the German parent company. IMPACTS is a globally renowned manufacturing company founded in 2004 by a team of surface technology leaders who share over 100 years of combined experience in the mobile surface preparation industry. The head engineer and their support team have designed and manufactured shot blasters that are truly unmatched in reliability, performance, and most importantly, durability.

Choosing a Shot Blaster

Shot blasting is often chosen over floor grinders and scarifiers when the project requires the concrete to be profiled, cleaned, and stripped to its bare surface, free of any coatings, rust, or residues. Because it performs these tasks in one step, it saves time and reduces labor costs.

Shot blasters operate by using a wheel to turn paddle-like blades that aggressively propel steel shot toward the surface using centrifugal force. An attached dust collector removes dust and debris while the shot is recirculated back into the hopper and reused. Shot blasters are used for the following projects: 

  • Removing paint, rust, and epoxy coatings
  • Adding a rough profile to concrete for a non-slip surface
  • Preparing a concrete surface to add fresh paint or a coating

Choosing an IMPACTS Americas Shot Blaster

IMPACTS Americas shot blasters are rapidly growing in popularity across the United States due to their top-tier performance We carry several options ranging from handheld shot blasters that are ideal for tight spaces and vertical surfaces to our powerful ride-on shot blaster with a built-in dust collector. Regardless of your choice, you can feel confident that you’re getting one of the best shot blasters available on the market and it will make a useful inclusion in your surface preparation inventory. 

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