MG2 System Cleans up National Art Gallery Floors & Walls – Singapore

(Written by Singapore Native) I am writing to compliment your professional supports / advices / site visits & the great results of STI tools used to complete our project of prestige – The National Art Gallery Singapore (NAG).

NAG comprises of two monumental buildings, Former Supreme Court & City Hall, and was under restoration for the conversion to an art gallery.

To comply strictly with the “Restoration of Monuments Guideline Singapore,” the existing terrazzo & marbles (floors & walls) were restored by using a non-abrasive method, in conjunction with a vitrification process to prolong the life span & beauty of the natural stones.

The Process

Cracks and splits were fixed prior to using STI Cash Dot 400 & 800 (7″ & 21″) to gently remove the unevenness, surface contaminants, & stains.

Thereafter, STI Cash #1, #2, & #3 (7″ & 21″) were used to polish the natural stones to a high gloss, with intervals of vitrification process. The finish exposed an over-whelming gloss which greatly delighted the clients, consultants, & main contractor.

Thank you, STI!

We have accomplished our mission for this project and got more projects from the same consultants thereafter!

We would like to express our gratitude to Josh at STI for his patience, visits, & great advices during the execution period.