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It's a System - Not a MachineSubstrate Technology is proud to be the leading provider of world class machinery and diamond tooling for the past 20 years.

We encourage you to see the full range of concrete surface preparation such as concrete polishing, marble restoration, & terrazzo restoration products that we offer.

STI Diamond Systems

These simple and reliable Diamond Systems are a product of our experiences — good and bad — and represent the pinnacle of grinding and polishing simplicity. The STI Diamond Systems deliver consistent wear, performance, and results when you use any model of Prep/Master® to drive these brilliantly simple systems.

Have any questions or need more assistance on concrete polishing machines, diamond tools, or the polishing process? Please don't hesitate to call us! We are always willing to help and would be happy to talk with you.


Concrete Prep

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Prep

Dry Polishing EGT Diamond System

Wet Polishing PMW Diamond System

Wet & Dry Polishing STI Classic (CLC) Diamond System

Terrazzo Planetary Marble & Terrazzo
Terrazzo (TPS) Diamond System PLP Diamond System Marble & Terrazzo Restoration System

Concrete Polishing: The most significant
flooring alternative of the last 30 years!

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