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Surface Applications

Concrete Prep
  1. #00 Prep Tool - How to Attach to the Tool Plate
  2. #00 & #0 Prep Tools - Understanding the Difference Between Them
  3. STI Bush Hammer Surface Prep Tool Demo
Concrete Polishing
  1. CLC Diamond System & Slurry Slayer - Do Not Be Afraid to Cut Wet!
  2. CLC Diamond System - Wet Concrete Polishing Time Lapse at Aramsco-Richmond
  3. CLC Diamond #7 Pad - Time Lapse
  4. CLC Diamond System & P/M Jr. on Concrete
  5. EGT Diamond System on 60-yr-old Concrete
  6. EGT Diamond System - Using the Grout Pans on Concrete
  7. PLP Diamond System & Grout Pan System - Concrete Patches Experiment with Densifier
  8. The CASH Pads System - for Concrete, Terrazzo, or Marble
  9. The CASH Dots System - for Concrete
  10. The SPIN-1 Pads System - for Concrete
  11. Stencil - How to Apply and Dye a Concrete Stencil
  12. Stencil, Dye, & Polish - Super Speed Time Lapse
  1. TPS Diamond System - Explanation of How Grout Pans Work (on Terrazzo)
  1. Marble Lippage First Cut & Restoration


P/M Machines & Key Features

P/M Grinding Machines
  1. Prep/Master Jr. Grinding Machine - Main Features
  2. STI-2807 & STI-2818LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines
  3. STI-2420 & STI-2418LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines
  4. STI-3030 & STI-3038LP Prep/Master Grinding Machines
P/M Key Features
  1. Nine Common Characteristics of P/M Grinding Machines
  2. P/M Rotary Gear Box & Gear-to-Gear System
  3. P/M Gear & Tool Plate animation


P/M Operation and Maintenance

Safe Operation - Electric
  1. Describing the "Safety Off Position" on the P/M Machine
  2. Adjusting the Variable Speed Drive and How to Determine Safe Speeds
  3. What is the STI Dust Collection System?
  4. How to use the Dead Man Key Operation
Safe Operation - Propane
  1. Proper Starting of the P/M Propane Machine
  2. Proper Maintenance of the P/M Propane Machine
  3. Maintenance Procedure for Propane-powered Machines
Safe Operation - Dust Collectors
  1. How to Use the STI Dust Collection System
  2. How to Replace a Longopac Dust Bag
General Procedures
  1. At What Level do I Fill the STI Gearbox Oil?
  2. PM Jr. - How to Disassemble and Reassemble
  3. Removing the Tool Plate & Coupler Assembly from the P/M Machine
  4. Attaching the Tool Plate & Coupler Assembly to the P/M Machine
  5. Proper Use of the EG Adapter (Which side of the adapter do you attach to the tool plate?)
  6. Leveling the STI-2807 Grinding Head
  7. STI Edge Plates Demonstration
  8. Removal of Slurry using Slurry Slayerâ„¢
  9. Adapting an Electrical Plug to a Single Phase
  10. How to Perform an S-Curve Motion on the P/M Machine


P/M Repairs and Troubleshooting

  1. Changing the Seals on the P/M Machine
  2. How to Replace the Shaft in the STI Gearbox
  3. Replacing the EG Adapter on the STI Tool Plate
  4. Repair Kits and Maintenance Kits
  5. Programming a Repaired or Inoperable MC1000 Drive
  6. Programming the SMV Drive
  1. Troubleshooting the Electrical System
  2. VSD Fan Failure (How to determine when the fan has failed)
  3. Assessing When a Coupler is Functional or Non-Functional


IMPACTS Americas Shot Blasters

IMPACTS Shot Blasters
  1. IMPACTS S125E Hand-held Shot Blaster
  2. IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster
  3. IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster
  4. IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster
  5. IMPACTS S320RD Ride-on Shot Blaster
  6. IMPACTS S600E Shot Blaster
General Procedures
  1. How to Install IMPACTS Reduction Liners
  2. How to Use IMPACTS Reduction Liners
  3. How to Prime a Shot Blaster
  4. How to Identify Worn Liners & Blast Wheels
  5. Replacing the Liners in the IMPACTS S210E / S210E-40R Shot Blaster
  6. IMPACTS S210E Blast Wheel Change Procedure
  7. IMPACTS S210E-40R Blast Wheel Change Procedure
  8. IMPACTS S320E Blast Wheel Change Procedure
  9. How to Replace a Shot Blaster Cable

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