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Substrate Technology, Inc. Prep/Master 4430-RC Floor Grinding Machine (Remote Control) Remote control / ride-on version of the 4430 floor grinding machine 44-inch working width Han.. Product #: 418440230 based on 0 reviews

Prep/Master 4430-RC Floor Grinding Machine (Remote Control)

Brand: Substrate Technology, Inc.
Weight: 2,050.00lb
Dimensions: 97.00in x 44.00in x 64.00in

Remote Control / Ride-on Model of the P/M 4430 Floor Grinding Machine

Built with the same precise rotary technology and powerful engines as our standard P/M grinding machines, the electric RCs grind and polish with amazing ease and strength as well as use cutting-edge robotics. Both 3030 & 4430 model RC machines will last a lifetime due to STI's high quality P/M rotary design gearbox, cast iron 25HP motor, and all steel frame.

The remote control and ride-on features allow the operator to easily grind and polish with little effort, making operator fatigue practically non-existent. The uniquely designed "shock absorbent weight system" also helps to alleviate operator stress and possible injury.

4430-RC remote-controlThe remote control is very simple to operate. Without interrupting the grinding, the operator can handle smaller tasks of a phone call or adjusting the dust collector while keeping to the overall project. This doubles his capacity to handle the job effectively and efficiently.

Also, built into the P/M remote control is the standard STI "S-curve motion" that is critical to the grinding and polishing process. The S-curve motion produces the flattest possible floor while accomplishing the greatest coverage of the floor.

They also have an adjustable handle for manual operation. Additional exciting features include an on-board 12V battery charger for accessories such as a cell phone, as well as LED headlights that properly light darker areas. Never hit a drain cover or obstacle again!

The remote control P/M machines are available in two sizes: a 30-inch grinding width for handling projects 10,000 SF (1,000 M2) or over, as well as a 44-inch width for handling projects 20,000 SF (2,000 M2) and over. Also, available in 240V 3 Phase or 480V.

Contact your STI dealer today to find out more about the new P/M RC Grinders!

Unique Features:

  • Hand-held Remote Control console with built-in "S-curve motion" which works as the machine travels both forward and backward
  • 180-degree hair-pin turn capability
  • LED Headlights to illuminate dark areas
  • Shock-absorbent, lever-operated weight system for easy transfer of weight from front to back for head pressure or tipping machine back for transportation
  • On-board battery charger with an extra battery for RC console
  • 12V DC port for charging accessories, such as a cell phone
  • Shock-absorbent ride-on seat with foot rests
  • 1HP motors in each wheel for additional traveling power
  • Quick-release pins in wheels for RC mode or traditional mode
  • Adjustable handle on back of machine with hand controls for traditional operation
  • 3-inch hose for dust collection
  • Detachable front wheel for easy transportation
  • Two sized models: 30-inch & 44-inch widths
  • Available in 240V 3 Phase or 480V

See the Remote Control P/M Machine in Action!

Item Numbers
Item # 418440230 (230V)
Item # 418440480 (480V)
Machine Specs - Electric
Coverage 20,000 SF (2,000 M2)
Power Source 220/230 VAC 1 or 3 Phase, 50-60Hz; 380/480 VAC 3 Phase, 50-60Hz
Motor 25 HP - 3 phase (18.6kW)
Power Cord 30 ft. | 9m (6-4)
Dimensions 97 x 44 x 64 in. (246 x 112 x 163cm)
Working Width 44 in. (112 cm)
Weight 2,050 lbs (930 kg)
Tools RPM 250-750 RPM variable
Tools Needed 24
Tools Attachment Style EG Proprietary Attachment System
Vacuum Hose Connection 3 in. (76mm) (sold separately)
Recommended Vacuum PM3003GP
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