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Substrate Technology, Inc. Repair Kit - Prep/Master Jr. For the electric Prep/MasterĀ® Jr. grinding machines Never stop operation for days in a row agai.. Product #: 429000823 based on 0 reviews

Repair Kit - Prep/Master Jr.

Brand: Substrate Technology, Inc.
Weight: 7.00lb
Dimensions: 8.00in x 8.00in x 8.00in

Repair Kit - Prep/Master Jr. Grinding Machine

Never stop operation for days in a row again! Be sure to purchase the P/M Jr. Repair Kit and be prepared for emergency repairs on your machine anytime of the day.

Repair Kit contains:

  1. Dust Band/Shroud for P/M Jr. (color may vary) (1)
  2. 502 Morflex Couplers (2)
  3. 2.25-in. Bolts (4) and Lock Washers (4) for 502 Morflex Coupler
  4. 2-in. Bolts (4) for drive plate
  5. Woodruff Keys for P/M Jr. (2)

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Item # 429000823
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