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(Written by Singapore Native) I am writing to compliment your professional supports / advices / site visits & the great results of STI tools used to complete our project of prestige — The National Art Gallery Singapore (NAG).

NAG comprises of two monumental buildings, Former Supreme Court & City Hall, and was under restoration for the conversion to an art gallery.

To comply strictly with the "Restoration of Monuments Guideline Singapore," the existing terrazzo & marbles (floors & walls) were restored by using a non-abrasive method, in conjunction with a vitrification process to prolong the life span & beauty of the natural stones.

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Substrate Technology, Inc. provides effective solutions by offering high quality surface preparation and polishing equipment and supplies.

STI is a family-owned and operated supplier that knows exactly what the contractor needs to be profitable and successful. The specific industries which we support are concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone.

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