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Surface PrepSurface preparation basically means removing the old to get ready for the new. Whether you are in need of tools to get a slab ready for new VCT, epoxy, carpet, or concrete polishing, we have the tools and equipment to do the job.

Substrate Technology works on a daily basis to improve the efficiency and profitability of surface preparation. All the tools we produce are designed and modified to yield the best possible productivity and cost per square foot for the contractor, so that he or she has the best chance at being profitable on every job that our equipment and tools are used.

For surface prep, we offer the following tools:

  • Fast PCD tool for removal of coatings, mastics, or uneven concrete that leaves a rough profile — #00 Prep Tool
  • Metal-bond diamond tool that leaves a smoother profile for installation of floor material or a polishing process — #0 Prep Tool
  • Very aggressive tool that leaves a slip-resistant finish (CSP 4 or 5) — STI Bush Hammer

The STI #00 & #0 Prep Tools Clean the Floor in Just One Pass!

 Surface Prep Tools

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Coatings, black mastic, thin-set mortar, and epoxy are thoroughly removed!

Surface Prep Tools: Understanding the Difference Between the #00 & #0 Prep Tools

Don't know which tool to use? Check out this video to help you understand what the difference is between the #00 & #0 Prep Tools.


Case StudyReal-life Case Studies Showing Results from the #00 & #0 Prep Tools

  1. Parking Lot Surface Prep Project with Prep/Master 3030 in Uganda, Africa
  2. 60-year Old Concrete Meets its Match with the #0 Prep Tool and the EGT Diamond System
  3. STI Prep/Master 3030 with #00 Prep Tool by J. Wesselman Specialty Flooring, KY

About Substrate Technology

Substrate Technology, Inc. provides effective solutions by offering high quality surface preparation and polishing equipment and supplies.

STI is a family-owned and operated supplier that knows exactly what the contractor needs to be profitable and successful. The specific industries which we support are concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone.

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