STI-2420 in Garment Factory – Cambodia

Project Scope: Provide polish and densify to 110,000 SF (10,200 M2) of new concrete
Project Location: Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia
Project Type: Garment Factory
Contractor: Rockrete Cambodia

The contractor in Phnom Penh proposed and executed work of concrete polishing using the STI-2420 Prep/Master and ECO/PREP500. The project was specified to be polished using only resin bond pads because of the owner’s budget and minimum required shine. The main objective for the building owner was a floor that was easy to maintain, looked attractive, and would never peel, flake, or chip.

Moisture Content in the Floor is Very Important to Consider

When considering alternative traditional flooring materials, the owner had few choices taking into account the moisture content of some parts of the building was much higher than a floor coating could be expected to perform. The high moisture content is no problem for the polished concrete as the treatment of concrete by polishing is fully breathable.

Another benefit to the polishing process using STI products is that the process can be done completely dry. As the photos indicate, the factory was busy making clothing right beside the polishing operation.

Though the project could definitely have been made more flat with metal bond diamonds, the contractor and building owner are more than satisfied with the results.