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From surface preparation to polishing — for concrete, terrazzo, and stone surfaces

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Grinding Machines

STI is the famous manufacturer of the Prep/Master grinding machine

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Diamond Systems

Use the STI diamond tools and systems to get the best results with your prep-to-polish projects.

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Shot Blasters

We offer the best shot blasters in the world - the IMPACTS Streamer line of blasters

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Dust Collectors

Our powerful and reliable dust collectors keep job sites cleaner and healthier for everyone

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Scarifiers & Profilers

Remove tough coatings and adhesives by scarifying your surfaces quickly and easily

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Service & Support

STI is known for its excellent customer service and support — you will always get a real person to talk to!

How to Perform an "S-Curve"

To perform an S-curve, the rotary machine is moved side-to-side during a forward or backward direction to an approximate 20-degree angle on both the right and left sides of the cutting path. The machine is always swung side-to-side in a smooth and controlled way forward or backward.

The only time that a rotary machine can be moved in a straight line is when it is grinding or polishing against an edge like a wall or obstacle. In this case, the machine must be moved in a straight line parallel to the edge going forward. Then, moved out from the wall walking backward and swinging the machine side-to-side in the S-curve motion. This will ensure a smooth transition across the entire surface.


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STI offers real-world solutions and high quality floor prep-to-polish equipment and accessories.

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