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The Cleanup Process

The client was concerned that using metal bond diamonds would open up new holes in the floor and chip the corner edges of the 60-year old marble tiles. Our rep chose the following method to preserve the floor as well as remove the wax residue effectively:

  1. Used a chemical stripper to remove wax from the floor
  2. 50-grit Terrazzos
  3. 100-grit Terrazzos
  4. 200-grit Terrazzos
  5. TPS Diamond System - pad #5
  6. TPS Diamond System - pad #6
  7. CASH pads #1 (wet)
  8. CASH pads #2 (wet)
  9. CASH pads #3 (wet)
  10. Sealed with EZ Seal
  11. Then, CASH #3 (dry) on electric burnisher

The floor was extremely soft, so throughout the process, the weights were first moved to the neutral position and then to the handle position to make a uniform cut as well as preserve the lifetime on the pads.

Thanks to our rep and STI products, they resurrected the original brilliance and color of the travertine marble that they had not seen in over 30 years! Just another example of STI ingenuity.

STI offers real-world solutions and high quality floor prep-to-polish equipment and accessories.

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