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Tru Glaze Ltd. then utilized the 100 grit Terrazzos, and ran them wet to transition the floor from metals to resins. Once the slurry was cleaned from the floor and disposed of properly, the polishing portion of the job began.

Chaney and his crew allowed the floor to dry and used the FL-07 #5 polishing pads, and followed that with the FL-07 #6’s.

The Artwork Begins

At this point, they were ready to begin the artwork portion of the job. Tru Glaze Ltd. is known for its ability to produce unique and artistic designs that brings polished concrete to the level of interior finish, instead of just a low maintenance floor; more like art than concrete!

To start the design phase, Chaney and his crew penciled in their design and put a 4x4-ft grid underneath the ribbons. They scored it in with an angle grinder and a 1/8-inch diamond blade. After scoring the floor was completed, they vacuumed, cleaned the surface, and proceeded with the dying process.

The dying process utilized three different STI Diatech dye colors to achieve not only the owner’s design, but also, when done properly, gives the floor a 3D-like appearance. The final step of the design phase was using a lithium-based densifier per the manufacturer’s recommendations to lock in the dye that had been applied.

With the grinding, polishing and artwork portion finished, the final steps of the FL-07 system (#7, #8, and #LUX) were completed by the Prep/Master® 2807.

Even though this concrete was now ready to be a durable, long lasting surface, it required an additional step of E/Z Seal to protect against occasional stains from coffee spills.

To complete the sealing process Chaney provided an application of E/Z Seal impregnator followed by a dry buffing step using the STI SPIN-1 black diamond pad. As can be seen in the photos, the process achieved “serious” perfection!

STI offers real-world solutions and high quality floor prep-to-polish equipment and accessories.

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