3-inch EG Metal Adapter – "Velcro”

For use with EG Resin Insert

3-inch EG Metal Adapter - Velcro attachment

The 3-inch EG Resin Insert and the 3-inch EG Metal Adapter - Velcro Attachment are made to work together.

It is common for contractors to omit the resin insert from the process; however, the purpose of the resin insert is to prevent the metal velcro adapter from contacting the floor and causing scratches if a diamond pad becomes worn down or thrown from the holder.

Therefore, it is vitally important to use both the resin insert and metal adapter together for all resin diamond steps!!

  • Female adapter for EG "Quick Change" system
  • Metal casing with velcro attachment of resin insert
  • For use with 3-inch EG Resin Insert to prevent scratches on the flooring surface

Item #570000031

Importance of Using the Metal & Resin Adapters Together