Terrazzo+ Pads

70% More Abrasives than the standard STI Terrazzos!

Terrazzo+ Pads

  • Updated version of the old style STI Terrazzo Pad
  • 70% more diamond and abrasives than the standard STI Terrazzos — 37 grams extra to be exact!
  • Designed using high pressure molding to compress more diamond powder and abrasives into the pad
  • 3 inch diameter
  • 8mm thickness
  • Long-lasting, fastest cutting resin pad on the market
  • More coverage at a lower cost per SF/M2!

Unique Features of the Terrazzo+ Polishing Pad:

  • Has a "Self Opening Profile"
  • Unique “Marking Interlayer” which changes the color of the slurry as pad is being consumed
  • Cloth Tab makes it extremely easy to remove the tool from the velcro holder



Grit Item #
50 Grit 392200050
100 Grit 392200100
200 Grit 392200200
400 Grit 392200400

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