EG Grout Pans

Fills Terrazzo & Concrete Pinholes

EG Grout Pans — Regular & Heavy Duty "XH"

The rotary action of the Prep/Master® pushes the epoxy into the holes from multiple directions to push air out and epoxy in!
  • Can be used on polished terrazzo & concrete floors
  • Fills in pin holes more thoroughly than the conventional way of hand troweling and buffing
  • Run pans at very low speeds to save lifetime of the pans and prevent burn marks in floor: 15Hz (electric) or 2100 RPM (propane)
  • Use only on the Prep/Master® or any other rotary machine
  • Velcro-backed for easy tool change
  • Lasts over 10,000 SF / 929 M2 if following recommendations above

Match Patch Pro

Heavy Duty Grout Pans "XH" —
Made specifically for Match Patch Pro Products

  • Solid Steel core and hardened for long life for using with Match Patch Pro products
  • Extra hard so pans will not wear down as quickly


Items #
Regular: #640900035
Heavy Duty "XH:" #640900009

EG Grout Pans - Making Your Work Easier!