EG Daisy Cutter

For concrete, terrazzo, & granite

EG Daisy Cutter-12 Diamonds

  • 3 in. (76mm) diameter
  • Metal Bond diamond
  • Great for polishing preparation on concrete, granite, and terrazzo
  • Sintered diamond technology for smooth cut
  • Use wet or dry


Grit Item #
30 #570430000
50 #570450000
70 #570470000
120 #570412000


STI Diamond Systems

STI Diamond Systems have been developed to incorporate the best long-life diamond tooling into the shortest amount of steps – which saves you significant time and money! Check out specific applications below.

STI Diamond Systems
Surface Prep Polished Concrete  Terrazzo Polishing
Surface Prep EGT Diamond System
Dry Polishing
PMW Diamond System
Wet Polishing
CLC Classic Diamond System
Wet-Dry Polishing
Terrazzo Polishing

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