Von Arx 45B Needle Scaler

49 Needles - Swiss-engineered
Manufacturer: Von Arx

Von Arx 45B Needle Scaler

A needle scaler is a tool used to remove rust, mill scale, and old paint from metal surfaces. Common applications are used in metalwork such as home repair, automotive repair, and shipboard preservation.

A needle gun has a set of very fine chisels known as needles. Compressed air forces these needles against a work surface at variable speeds up to around 5,000 times per minute. Various models offer choices of number of needles, operating speed, and power levels.

  • Weight: 10.6 lbs.
  • Air consumption: 5.6 cfm
  • Needles ΓΈ 3mm: 49 needles
  • Air pressure: 100 psi
  • Connection thread: R 3/8"
  • Acoustic power level: 101 dB

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Von Arx Needle Scalers - Very Effective Surface Prep!