STI Bush Hammer

Aggressive Profiling Tool

STI Bush Hammer

bush hammer on toolplateThe STI Bush Hammers are great for the full line of P/M Machines to provide a CSP of 4-5 or to mimic a "flamed" profile. These tools are NOT intended, however, to remove any flexible coatings or most epoxies.

Bush Hammers are long lasting (15,000SF) when used to profile a surface to provide a good bonding surface or anti-slip properties.

Bush Hammer Features

  • Creates slip-resistant finish on concrete, granite, and marble
  • Breaks down the surface that standard diamonds can't touch
  • Provides CSP 4 to CSP 5 profile
  • Comes with four bolts to attach to any tool plate
Item #: 249128500

Slow-Motion Demo of the STI Bush Hammer Creating a Concrete Surface Profile 4-5