#00 Prep Tool

Leaves a Rough Profile - Fast Removal

#00 Prep Tool

  • Rough ConcreteLeaves a rough profile
  • Aggressive, super fast PCD tool for removal of coatings, mastics, or rough concrete
  • 3-in diameter
  • 8mm thickness
  • Metal bond diamond
  • One "set" of #00 tools consists of 50% right-hand & 50% left-hand tools
  • Quick Change attachment for use with EG Adapter
For very productive surface prep that leaves a smooth profile for polishing or installation of flooring material, use the #0 Prep Tool!


#00 Prep Tool - Item Numbers
#00L - left-hand tool #00R - right-hand tool
00L-prep-tool 00R-prep-tool
Item #571603412 Item #571603418

Understanding the Difference Between #0 Prep Tool and #00 Prep Tool

How to Properly Install the #00 Prep Tools on the STI Tool Plate

#00 Prep Tool
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#00 Prep Tool
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