Slurry Slayer™

Turns Slurry into a Non-hazardous Solid

logo SlurrySlayerSlurry Slayer™

…is a concrete slurry management program that was developed by an actual contractor who works in the contracting field every day. Slurry Slayer™ consists of two products - Slurry Slayer™ Solidifier™ and Purifier™ - that can be used individually or together. Developed by contractors for contractors!

  • CONTAINS NO FILLERS to add weight
  • Reacts quicker and with less material when compared to competitor's products
  • Turns concrete slurry into a nonhazardous, landfill-accepted solid
  • Slurry Slayer™ works in conjunction with your EPA required "Best Management Practice" plan for handling concrete slurry

Currently Used For:

  • Concrete grinding and polishing
  • Concrete saw cutting and drilling
  • Concrete rinse out areas
  • Stone restoration
Item #381919055 = 55 lbs.
Item #381919205 (special order) = Super Sack 2,205 lbs.

Showing the Slurry Slayer in Action! 



Downloadable Documents:
  1. Material Safety Data Sheet
  2. Slurry Slayer Brochure
  3. Concrete Contractor Article on How to Use Product