IMPACTS S250E Shot Blaster

10-inch Shot Blaster
Manufacturer: IMPACTS Americas

IMPACTS S250E Streamer Shot Blaster

For Blasting Projects Up to 2,152 SF/hr. (200 m2/hr.)

The S250E Streamer Shot Blaster is the perfect size machine for aggressive and brush blasting of projects up to 25,000 SF.

With the 10-inch size and the unrivaled IMPACTS blast housing design, the S250E can out perform other comparable machines on the market for any mid-sized projects.

S250E Specifications

  • Blasting Power: 15 HP (11 kW)
  • Travel Speed: Variable: 0-85 ft/min. (Variable 0-35 m/min.)
  • Power Supply: 230 V/60 Hz, 49A (230 V/60 Hz, 49A)
  • Working Width: 10 in. (250 mm)
  • Blasting Capacity: Up to 2,152 SF/hr. (200 m2/hr.)
  • Length x Width x Height: 63 x 17 x 40 in. (1600 x 432 x 1016 mm)
  • Weight: 736 lbs. (334 kg)


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Streamer S250E Sales Flyer
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