Airtec Roto-Tiger RT-2500

10-inch Scarifier
Manufacturer: Airtec AG

Airtec Roto-Tiger® RT-2500 10-inch Scarifier

Rasping wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum for thorough, yet gentle, rasping and milling of adhesive, rubber, concrete slurry, uneven spots, and old coatings. Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for heavy use.

Depth achieved and contact pressure of the rasping wheels and milling wheels can be precisely set with the rotary disk. Adjustable guiding grip allows work very close to the wall. Solid construction rubber wheels provides a high degree of operating comfort.

The electric RT-2500-EL with milling drum and HMT-8.55/20 milling wheels for particularly heavy duty applications. Extremely wear resistant. For roughening, abrading, leveling as well as grooving of concrete, stone and asphalt surfaces.

Item #702500200

Motor 5.0 HP (4.0 kW)
Power 230V 3 phase, 60Hz, 16A or 400V, 50Hz, 8.5A
Weight 295 lbs (134kg)
Working Width 10 inches (250 mm)

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