Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200

8-inch Scarifier
Manufacturer: Airtec AG

Airtec Euro-Sprint ES-200 Scarifier

Light and handy scarifier: Environmentally-friendly and in accordance with the required profile with connection for industrial vacuum EMERGENCY-OFF safety switch. ES-200-EL includes milling drum and milling wheels HMT-5.40, 2nd quality milling wheel with 5 carbide pins for roughening, abrading, leveling as well as grooving of concrete surfaces.

Continuous depth settings from fine to coarse. Wide range of tools for every purpose. Hourly rates of 30-50 m2 depending on the type of surface (steel, concrete, stone, wood or asphalt)

Rasping and milling wheels, loosely placed on a rotating work drum, thorough yet gentle rasping and milling off of adhesive, rubber, concrete slurry, uneven spots and old coatings. Strong, solid welded steel construction designed for robust use.

Depth achievement and contact pressure of the rasping and milling wheels can be precisely adjusted with the rotary disk. Adjustable guiding grip allows work very close to the wall. Sturdily dimensioned rubber wheels provide a high degree of operating convenience.

Scope of Applications

  • Scabbling of concrete, asphalt, traffic lines, level differences, rubber deposits, plastic coatings, and dirt crusts
  • Cutting of seams in concrete (grooving)
  • Roughening of concrete surfaces and concrete roads
  • Milling of asphalt surfaces
  • Removal of old coats of paint, thermoplastic material, hard tops, tennis courts, and sports grounds
  • De-rusting of ship decks, tanks and containers
  • Chipping off rolling skin and incrustations
  • Cleaning of industrial floors, ramps, driveways and parking areas
  • Renovation of flat roofs, terraces, ship decks, and bridges

Item #700200230

Motor 2.0 HP (1.85 kW)
Power 220V Single Phase, 60 Hz
Weight 120 lb (59kg)
Working Width 8 inches (200 mm)
Height x Width 36 x 14 in. (920 x 360 mm)

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