For Projects over 10,000 SF/ 929m2

STI-3030 (Electric Model)

Ideal for Polishing Projects over 10,000 SF/ 929 M2

Contractors Choose Prep/Master® for its Durability!


STI-3030 Surface Prep Video


STI-3030 Polished Concrete Video


Item Numbers

3030 220V/230V

Item #433030230
3030 380V/480V Item #433030480
3025 220V/230V Item #433025230
3025 380V/480V Item #433025480


Motor 30 HP - 3 phase | 22kW
Power Source
220/230 VAC 1 or 3 Phase 60 Hz
380/480 VAC 3 Phase 50-60Hz
Power Cord 30 ft./9M (6-4)
Vacuum Hose Connection
3 in./76mm x 25 ft./8m
Weight 1,338 lbs. | 607 kg
Tool RPM 300RPM to 750RPM(90Hz) variable
Number of Tools 12
Tools Attachment Style
EG Proprietary Attachment System
86"L x 30"W x 52"H
218cm x 76cm x 132cm
Recommended Vacuum Duo Vac (630CFM) with pre-separator or equivalent

Production Rates

Mastic Removal 600 SF /56 M2 per hour
Thin Set Removal 600 SF /56 M2 per hour
Mil Coatings Removal 425 SF /39 M2 per hour
Concrete Polishing 1,200 SF /111.5 M2 per hour


P/M Diamond Systems for the STI-3030


Concrete Prep

Concrete Polishing


arrow Concrete Prep EGT Diamond System PMW Diamond System STI Classic (CLC) Diamond System Terrazzo (TPS) Diamond System


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