IBIX Abrasive Media

Abrasives for IBIX Portable Blasting Units
Manufacturer: IBIX USA

IBIX Abrasive Media

Calcium Carbonate — CarbonArt®

Ibix Abrasive Calcium CarbonateCarbonArt® Calcium Carbonate is an inert material that the IBIX technical team selected in collaboration with experts in monument restoration.

After laboratory and worksite testing, it is proven to be one of the most effective and less invasive materials for cleaning stone, brick, and lithotypes in general.

CarbonArt® contains calcium carbonate in two grain sizes that IBIX® selected specifically for cleaning works of art. Very fine, homogeneous grain size and rounded morphology, as well as the purity of the extremely white material are features certified by analyzing every production batch.

These characteristics, plus Mohs hardness lower than 3, make CarbonArt® an excellent product for cleaning stone elements and especially delicate old brick on monumental works defaced by soot, black crusts, carbonizations in general, air-borne particles, and saline efflorescence.

CarbonArt® is available in Grain Sizes: Z5 & Z6.

Armex® (Sodium Bicarbonite)

Ibix Abrasive Baking SodaThe IBIX® & ARMEX® baking soda blasting process offers you the best cleaning and decontaminating solution with no need to stop your production line. ARMEX® baking soda is totally water-soluble and therefore the IBIX® soda blasting process leaves no residue.

IBIX® Soda blasting system offers the following advantages:

  • Degreasing, decontaminating and cleaning with no need to use detergents or other aggressive chemicals
  • A 100% ecological cleaning process
  • Very low water consumption
  • IBIX sodium bicarbonate blasting is ideal for use in the foodstuff industry because, in addition to guaranteed hygiene, it gives excellent cleaning results on metal surfaces such as pots and pans, stoves, extraction fan hoods, gratings, conveyor belts etc.
  • Can be used in kitchens, canteens, hospitals, hotels, catering companies, bakeries, and firms involved in the processing of meat, pasta, etc.
  • Removal of oxidized aluminium, stainless steel, and chromium-plated plastic or metal
  • Removal of residue/corrosion from window frames and doorsteps
  • Removal of graffiti from glass (will not work on acrylic or other artificial glasses as they are rendered opaque)
  • Limescale and encrustation blastcleaning of public toilets, schools, barracks, hotels, factories, stadiums, sports centres, saunas, hospitals, etc.
  • Coach, bus, truck, bulldozer and loader engine radiators
  • Does not cause damage to electric circuits, hydraulic circuits, rubber parts, hard plastic parts, or any fragile surfaces

ARMEX® is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Crushed Walnut Shells

Ibix Abrasive Walnut ShellsGround walnuts shells are a type of abrasive blast media used for more aggressive cleaning. Typical substrates are metals, fiberglass, woods, plastics, and stone. The walnut shells are ground to various sizes from coarse to extra fine depending on the application.

Walnut shells are durable and can be re-used in many applications. Walnut shells can remove matter from surfaces without scratching or pitting any underlying material.

The granular material obtained from crushed walnut shells is little hygroscopic, with little fermentation, and no bacterial flora develops. They last long even in humid weather conditions. People who work with this material do not need to wear any special protection equipment. IBIX® guarantees walnut shells to be 100% non-toxic and safe to use.

Scope of Application:

  • Petrochemical industry
  • Cleaning of gas turbine compressor blades
  • Blasting of pistons and valves in turbines and pumps
  • Aeronautical and automotive industries
  • Blasting of pistons, valves, and cooling blades in turbines and pumps
  • Electronics
  • Fine grains are suitable for cleaning those delicate parts in electronic components
  • Rubber
  • Cleaning of molds used to manufacture tires
  • Plastic
  • Deburring of objects made of thermosetting materials
  • Satin finish of thermoplastic parts
  • Cleaning of molding

GMA Garnet

Ibix Abrasive GarnetIBIX® Portable Preparation Systems & Fine GMA200 Mesh Garnet Abrasive are scientifically formulated to work together on delicate restoration projects.

Cleaning valuable historic assets, masonry, concrete, grout, stone, marble, tile and much more, GMA Garnet is a cost-effective, high-performance, environmentally friendly abrasive. The perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability creates the optimum abrasive efficiency and lowest abrasive consumption.

It can be recycled five times without losing it's superior ability! Low dusting improves health and safety for the operator and the environment.

Microscopic Glass Beads

Ibix Abrasive Glass BeadsIBIX glass beads can be used for wet or dry blasting. Glass beads are an inert material specific for air abrasion. This abrasive media features the basic characteristics to guarantee efficient, economic, and eco-friendly blasting and cleaning.

The glass will not absorb any moisture, and so storing and using this product is truly easy!

The inert glass beads are available in two grain sizes:

  • 40 grit - Fine grain size for light cleaning
  • 70 grit - Average grain size for more aggressive cleaning




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