Prep/Master 4430 Electric

Electric - for Projects up to 20,000 SF/ 1,858 m2

Prep/Master® 4430 (Electric Model)

Ideal for Polishing Projects up to 20,000 SF/ 1,858 M2

The Prep/Master STI-4430 is an ideal choice for project sizes up to 20,000 SF (1858 m2). Quite unexpectedly for its weight and size, this grinder is extremely easy to operate due to the smooth operation of the STI rotary gear system. Its 30HP motor is built to last and its variable speed drive easily adapts to different grinding or polishing conditions for concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone applications.

The moveable pocket weight system adjusts head pressure depending upon application and the standard water tank makes it easy to switch from dry to wet work. The 4430 is available in 220V and 480V, as well as with a 25HP motor. Uses eight tool plates (included).

4430 220V/230V = Item #434430230
4430 380V/480V = Item #434430480
4425 220V/230V = Item #434425230
4425 380V/480V = Item #434425480

Motor 30 HP - 3 phase | 22kW
Power Source
220/230 VAC 1 or 3 Phase, 60Hz
380/480 VAC 3 Phase, 50-60Hz
Weight 1,460 lbs | 662 kg
Dimensions 80"L x 44"W x 52"H
203cm x 112cm x 132cm
Tools Needed 24
Tools RPM 250 RPM to 750 RPM variable
Tools Attachment Style EG Proprietary Attachment System
Vacuum Hose Connection 3 in. (76mm) (sold separately)
Recommended Vacuum Duo Vac (630CFM) with pre-separator or equivalent
Power Cord 30 ft. | 9m (6-4)

Production Rates
Mastic Removal 725 SF /53 M2 per hour
Thin Set Removal 725 SF /53 M2 per hour
+/-25 Mil Coatings 575 SF /53 M2 per hour
Concrete Polishing 5,025 SF /467 M2 per hour

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