STI-2818 LP

Propane - for Projects up to 2,000 SF / 186 m2

STI-2818LP (Propane Model)

Ideal for Polishing Projects up to 2,000 SF/ 186 M2

Item #432818001

Motor Kawasaki 18HP LP Tools Needed 6
Motor RPM 2,200 - 3,650 RPM Tools RPM 366 RPM to 500 RPM
Weight 829 lbs | 376 kg Tools Attachment Style EG Proprietary Attachment System
Dimensions 73"L x 28"W x 50"H
185cm x 71cm x 127cm
Vacuum Hose Connection 3 in. (76mm) (sold separately)
  Recommended Vacuum IMPACTS Dustcom 3003AR (300 CFM) or equivalent

Production Rates
Mastic Removal Thin Set Removal Mil Coatings Removal Concrete Polishing
375 SF /35 M2 per hour 425 SF /40 M2 per hour 225 SF /21 M2 per hour 575 SF /53 M2 per hour



STI Diamond Systems for the 2818LP
Surface Prep Polished Concrete  Terrazzo Polishing
Surface Prep EGT Diamond System
Dry Polishing
PMW Diamond System
Wet Polishing
CLC Classic Diamond System
Wet-Dry Polishing
Terrazzo Polishing
2818LP Machine Manual
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How to Properly Start a Propane-powered Machine

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