STI Burnisher PMB-21

Electric Model

STI Burnisher PMB-21 - Electric

STI Burnishers were developed to ensure maximum speed while delivering superior results in substrate polishing.

  • 5HP motor
  • Available in 240V or 480V/380V
  • Speed is controlled through a VSD
  • Higher RPM burnishing speeds deliver superior “wet look” shine
  • A low profile deck with bumper skirting
  • Lower torque
  • Tilt back deck design for quick pad changes
  • Standard water tank for wet operation only
  • Uses MG2 Diamond System, STI CASH Dots Diamonds, & SPIN-1 Diamond Pads
  • Prepackaged emergency "Repair Kits" are also available for purchase

Use the STI MG2 Diamond System for creating the best floor possible, and don't forget to purchase the PMB-21 Repair Kit so you are prepared for emergency breakdowns!

Item #808000210

Burnishing Width 21"/530 mm
Performance (per hour) 1,000SF/93 m2
Pad Speed 20 Hz-60 Hz (1800-3500 RPM)
Length 58"/147cm
Width 28"/71 cm
Height 51"/129.5cm
Weight 237lbs/107.5 kg
Pad Size 21"/530 mm

PMB-21 Electric & Propane Burnishers


CASH Diamond Pad System for Polishing


CASH Dots System for Restoration


Burnisher Manual
Download Technical Data Sheet
Don't Forget Your Repair Kit for Emergencies!
Repair Kits for Emergencies