Ruwac HEC-DB Separator

HEC Pre-Separation
Manufacturer: Ruwac USA

Ruwac HEC-DB Separator

The HEC-DB by Ruwac is a pre-separation system that offers all the great benefits of the High Efficiency Cyclone plus a safe, dustless clean-up. This system includes a direct bagging system that ensures dust doesn't see the outside of the system, thus minimizing contact with potentially harmful materials.

A unique gravity drop also allows for continuous discharge and operation of the connected vacuum while heavy duty casters and a counter-balanced base provide easy mobility.

Combined with the HEC's ability to increase collection capacity and cut down on costly filter changes, the HEC-DB is an efficient solution to fine dust collection.


  • Attaches to the PV10 Portable Vac to separate out the heavier materials first
  • Available wtih 8”, 12” or 14” HEC
  • Direct Bagging System ensures for dustfree emptying
  • Removes 99% of ultra-fine dust


Ruwac HEC-DB Separator Spec Sheet
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