Prep/Master 3003GP Dust Collector

Longopac HEPA Dust Collector

Prep/Master 3003GP Dust Collector

The Prep/Master® 3003GP is an industrial-sized vacuum for collecting large amounts of fine and toxic silica dust. There are no impossible applications for the 3003GP­—from the laboratory to the workshop, from mechanical engineering to the cement industry.

This model was developed in its first version, more than 15 years ago, to meet a wide range of requirements. It was recently completely redesigned in order to make it even more user-friendly and versatile, while improving its industrial capabilities.


  • Uses one power supply to run both the vac and a grinder or shot blaster!
  • Distribution box contains two 230V power outlets—32A and 62A
  • Continuous pneumatic cleaning
  • Filter efficiency gauge
  • Uses Longopac bag for safe collection of toxic waste and dust

Prep/Master 3003GP Dust Collector Specifications

  • Power: 4.5HP (3.5kW)
  • Power Supply: 230V/60Hz, 3-phase
  • Depression Rate (Water Lift): 8.2 ft H2O (2500 mm H2O)
  • Max. Air Flow Rate: 317 CFM (540 m3/h)
  • Noise level: 76 dB (A)
  • Filter type: Cartridge filter
  • Filter surface: 57.000 cm2
  • Suction Inlet Diameter: 3-in. (76 mm)
  • Capacity: Longopac
  • Weight: 435 lbs. (197 kg)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 26 x 59 in. (77 x 66 x 150 cm)
Item Numbers:
  • PM3003GP: #104002003