Best Bet – Match the Machine with the Tools

So, how do I decide if a particular tool is good or bad for a machine?

The best advice is to use a supplier that has a good reputation for quality, references thereof, and third party opinion that can be trusted. Also, any diamond tool that is purchased should come with reference materials for the proper use of the tool.

Think of it like a "Diamond Tool Owners Manual." It can all seem very confusing to the new concrete polisher, but with the right supplier, tool purchases can be made confidently and with peace of mind and the results will be satisfactory.

In the case of STI, matching tools with machines is something we have already calculated. This is why the polish provided by any P/M Machine using STI tools will always be the best the floor can exhibit. In the case of using non-STI tools on a P/M Machine, there is always a possibility there will be success. That success though, is more reliant upon luck than strategy.


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For any clarification of the above or to discuss your unique situation, please do not hesitate to contact STI or any of its authorized dealers for more help and advice. We are all here to supply solutions that save you time and make you money.