The most common place to use guards would be:

  • Supermarkets (selective aisles like produce, vinegar, soda)
  • Restrooms
  • Entries and Exits where salt and water will continuously be present
  • Food prep areas

These areas will have the highest likelihood that acid attack will occur due to the areas' intended purposes. The guard gives a layer of protection to prevent damage to the polished concrete by effectively stopping any contact of acid and the concrete's surface.

Depending on the manufacturer and the specifications of the guard, the guard will withstand acids in varying concentrations and show no damage as a result of the attack. The limitations of the guard is that the guard is not permanent (reapplication is required), only stands up to certain acids (battery acid, for example, can damage guard), requires quick cleaning of surface (maximum dwell times usually do not exceed 30 minutes), and requires a burnisher every time it is applied.


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