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Dave Wood, one of our sales reps, knew the solution – the EGT#1S (soft bond) diamond tool. Immediately, they could see that the tool was grinding down the surface.

After using the #1S, the EGT #2, #3 & #4 were then used to prepare the slab for polishing. Finally, EGT #5 through #8 under planetary equipment buffed the dark floor up to a beautifully polished surface.

Thanks to Steve Parker, President of Applied Flooring Inc., out of Mason, MI for letting us share this case study.

The Process (all dry steps):

  1. EGT #1S (Soft Bond)
  2. EGT #2
  3. EGT #3
  4. EGT #4
  5. EGT #5
  6. Chemical hardener application (densifier)
  7. EGT #6
  8. EGT #7
  9. EGT #8
  10. Chemical Guard applied and burnished

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