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Profiling the Surface

In this instance, the parking lot was very rough from weather effects and placement. To satisfy requirements of the epoxy floor system specified, the concrete needed a good flattening and cleaning that only diamond grinding can achieve. Using his 3030 Prep/Master®, Mr. Katonyera removed the top 1-4 mm of the concrete and left a smooth, profiled surface to which the epoxy will bond. As the pictures indicate, the top surface was rough and dirty but the Prep/Master® 3030 ground right through it all.

Worthy of noting is that the project was completed with only one set of STI's EG 30 grit 10 Segment diamonds. This is incredible life for such a demanding project, but using the MC600 dust collector helped to take away the debris and conserve the diamond tool life. Also, proper use of the machine, contributed to the tool's life and the subsequent job completion in 3 days!

The industry sometimes asks for cheaper tools and processes, but this project is a testament to why you buy STI products: Production and Reliability!

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