stained-concrete-coffeehouseStained Concrete

Give Your Customers a Dramatic Alternative to a Plain, Concrete Floor!

Stains for polished concrete are permanent, water based, and very colorful! DiaTech Stains offer a palette of colors, ease of use, and durability that has yet to be matched by any other product in the marketplace.

We are very excited about this product because we know there are many contractors who have offered polished concrete to potential customers, but have lost the job because polished concrete with hum-drum earth tones aren't what retail businesses and homeowners want.

Sure, they want the maintenance benefits of polished concrete, but when customers come in the door, retailers want their shoppers to be dazzled by the appearance and feel of their store. The floor immediately plays a big part in this process.

If you can now offer decorative polished concrete with vibrant blues, greens, reds, yellows, and oranges, as well as provide the cost savings of polished concrete. It makes the idea of polishing that much more appealing to customers.

Features of Stained Concrete

  • Ask about our custom logos, graphics, and custom designs which can be purchased and approved via the Internet
  • Can be permanently placed in the polished concrete surface
  • Dia-Temp Stencils are available for use with DiaTech Stains
  • Give your customers a dramatic alternative to a plain, polished concrete floor
  • Reasonable cost for a high-end finished product
  • High-tech plotter makes zero-clearance color change a snap to achieve
  • Your only limitation is your imagination!

Diatech stains chartDiaTech Stains

  • Dilute with alcohol, water, or acetone
  • Shipped in pre-measured containers: 1 kit = 1 gal. material
  • Shipped in powder form
  • 13 standard colors (custom colors available upon request)
  • Standard yield: 300 SF / 28m2 for two coats
  • Note: Color yield will vary by concrete quality
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