A Wet Concrete Polishing System that Saves BOTH Time & Labor!

The PMW Diamond System is an easy-to-follow, 7-step process
– No need for any guesswork!

 PMW Diamond System

PMW Polished Concrete Floor

STI's diamond systems offer the best value with the longest life, a color-coding & numbering system for easy use, and a true mechnical shine!

Value & Lifetime

STI diamonds have a proven longer lifetime! Buying "cheap" knock-off brands just to save money definitely does not equal "savings."

  • STI diamonds are only made of high quality materials
  • Guaranteed for long life & fast results
  • Faster results mean a significant reduction in time and labor
  • Reduced time and labor equal HUGE savings!!
Extremely Easy to Use

All STI diamond systems are designed for easy step-by-step application.

  • Color-coded for diamond system identification:
  • Numbered in sequential order (you never get confused by what grit comes next!)
  • Just follow the process from PMW#1 to PMW#7 and you will get the same results every time. It's that easy!
True Mechanical Polish

STI systems are the only diamonds on the market that can create a true mechanical polish for all flooring surfaces.

  • Creates a TRUE mechanical shine
  • Absolutely NO need for a guard to add that "pop" to the final floor
  • Unlike coatings that wear off, the PMW shine lasts for years
  • Much less maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of the floor

What Others are Saying about the PMW Diamond System

CDPI logo"Concrete Diamond Polishing Innovations has been doing business with STI exclusively for 6 years now. CDPI has found their diamond tooling and machinery to be second to none in the Grinding and Polishing Industry.

Their customer service as well as knowledge of our industry has been a vital component in the growth and development of our company. We look forward to continually growing our relationship and the successful future ahead.”

~ Scott Fouts, Concrete Diamond Polishing Innovations, Las Vegas, NV



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