PLP Diamonds Get a Taste at Grocery Store

PLP-diamond-systemOur customer in Alpena, MI got a good taste at the superior results made by the STI planetary diamond system.

The PLP diamonds were run on a Meijer store concrete floor in Alpena, MI. The space was approximately 10,000 SF (929 m2).  Dave Wood, our sales rep, first ground the floor using the 50 & 100 terrazzos as the initial cut. Then he followed up with the #5 PLP through #9 PLP. The tools were operated under an HTC 800 Classic running three pads per tool plate. The process took less time than expected and got better results than they hoped for.


The P/M Machine 3038 Becomes a Model!

boston-garage-photo-shootSTI recently received an email from one of our distributors, who said...

Someone's excited about their new grinder. :)

His message: "This has to be a first! I just did a photo shoot with the new grinder before we use tomorrow. I'll send you the pro pics when I get them."

Needless to say, we were very honored but also very curious to know what prompted the photo session of the Propane 3038. So we asked Ben Bennett of Boston Garage to share his story.


PM-2420 at 20,000 sqm Garment Factory, Cambodia

Rockrete Cambodia (RCC) bought a P/M-2420 machine in 2009 that about 6 years old now. RCC was using this machine for many projects throughout Cambodia, and rental services to Bangkok, Thailand.

This was RCC's very first machine shipped from STI America to Cambodia. The technical team is very proud to have it and excited to see it on the job sites. After RCC received the 2420, STI has been an active support for training and other technical support. The P/M helps RCC's local team to get jobs done – not only for final finished product, but surface preparation.