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Slurry Fox, Slightly Demo’d Units

Qty: 2 — Price: $13,300 OBO

Powered only by air, the Slurry Fox is the mobile solution for concrete slurry processing. Separation of solids and water allows for compliant disposal. Slurry Fox is compact, simple to operate, and efficient.

The slurry box has a capacity of 140 gal (530 liters) and can be used as covering for transport. Because of its compact dimensions the Slurry Fox is simple to install and use at any workplace. Its innovative system and compact dimensions make the Slurry Fox an economical and ecological benefit.

  • Innovative and environmentally friendly
  • Rugged and compact steel construction
  • Mobile for job site processing
  • Operating: 100%
  • Air Pressure Air Needed: min. 6 CFM at 90
  • PSI Capacity Water Tank: 140 gal (530 liters)
  • Recycling Capacity: 100-150 gal/hour (379-568 liter/hour)
  • Weight: 705 lbs. (320 kg)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5” x 32 x 64 in.

STI Hydra 27-inch Burnisher/Polisher

Qty: 2 — Price: $4,700 OBO

High Capacity Propane Planetary Polisher - 2,000SF per hour on Concrete. Works great on Concrete, Terrazzo, Marble, & Granite. Electronic ignition and clutch. Run wet or dry. Cogged belt for reliable performance.

  • Motor: 17HP, Kawasaki LP
  • Burnishing Width: 27 inches
  • Performance (per hour): 2,000 SF (186 m2)
  • Pad Speed: 510 RPM

Diamatic 780 Planetary Concrete Polisher Tool Plates - STI EG Quick Change - 240mm

Qty: 84 — Price: $95.00 each

Tool plates for Diamatic 780 concrete grinding and polishing machine. The plates are manufactured to accept any of STI's EG quick change tools.

  • 3 tools per plate / 3 plates per machine
  • Diameter is ~9 7/16" or 240 mm

30-Inch Hat Trick Planetary grinders

Qty: 2 ready to ship (as is) with the ability to build 10 additional units — Price: $6,100 OBO

Discontinued model. Light duty grinders and high capacity polishers. Works great on concrete, terrazzo, and granite. Soft-start, variable speed control makes it the perfect polisher for multiple applications. Run wet or dry. Strong cogged belt and design means long lasting performance and easy periodic maintenance. 30-day warranty of parts & labor after delivery.

  • Motor: 5.5 HP (4kW)
  • Power Source: 230V - 1 or 3 phase 380/480V 3 phase, 30 A
  • Motor RPM: 1,750
  • RPM Cleaning Path: 40 inch

Von Arx VA-25S Scarifier - 10 in. - Manual

Qty: 1 — Price: $2,800 OBO

Previously demonstrated unit. The VA 25 S is the machine of choice for medium up to large surfaces. Equipped with a vibration absorber and an infinite variable depth adjuster, the flexible VA 25 S offers the highest level of user comfort and efficiency. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications. Available as gasoline, or electric machine. 30-day warranty of parts & labor after delivery.

  • Electrical power: 3x 480V/60Hz 
  • Motor: 6 HP Working width: 10 inches
  • Distance to wall: 2.5 in.
  • Dimensions: 37 X 18 X 46 in.
  • Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Use standard cutters: pentagonal cutters or other available

Techtop 3-Phase 7.5HP Electric Motor – “Unused surplus motor”

MFG Model # GR3-AL-TF-132SB3-4-B-D-7.5

Qty: 9 — Price: $450.00 / unit

  • Frame size = 132SB3
  • HP = 7.5 RPM = 1800
  • Voltage = 208-230 / 460V
  • Frequency = 60Hz

Techtop 3-phase 30HP Electric Motor – “Unused surplus motor”

MFG Model # GR3-CI-TF-180LB3-4-BR-D-30

Qty: 1 — Price: $1,100.00 / unit

  • Frame Size = 180LB3
  • HP = 30 RPM = 1800
  • Voltage = 208-230 / 460V
  • Frequency = 60Hz

Diamond Tooling – 3-in. Concrete Surface Prep, 30 grit 10-segment Diamonds

Qty: Approx 250 — Price: $13.00 each

Discontinued item #571030050. With EG quick change attachment. Diamonds may be returned within 30 days after purchase, if product is UNUSED.


PCD Diamond Cutters Tooling 3-in. - Surface Prep - with pin

Qty: Approx 600 — Price: $37.00 each

Discontinued item. Diamond Tooling for concrete surface preparation, PCDGM20, with pin. Diamonds may be returned within 30 days after purchase, if product is UNUSED.


Prep/Master Remote Control Ride-on Models—
30-inch & 44-inch Grinder Polisher Machines

Qty: 3 — Price: $39,165 OBO
Qty: 3 — Price: $43,680 OBO

"Trade Show & Lightly Demonstrated Condition" — Built with the same precise rotary grinding technology and powerful engines as our standard P/M machines, the electric RCs grind and polish with amazing ease and strength as well as use cutting-edge robotics. Both RC machines will last a lifetime due to STI's high quality P/M rotary design gearbox, cast iron 25HP motor, and all steel frame. The remote control and ride-on features allow the operator to easily grind and polish with little effort, making operator fatigue practically non-existent. The uniquely designed "shock absorbent weight system" also helps to alleviate operator stress and possible injury.

The remote control is very simple to operate. Without interrupting the grinding, the operator can handle smaller tasks of a phone call or adjusting the dust collector while keeping to the overall project. This doubles his capacity to handle the job effectively and efficiently. Also, built into the P/M remote control is the standard STI "S-curve motion" that is critical to the grinding and polishing process. The S-curve motion produces the flattest possible floor while accomplishing the greatest coverage of the floor.

They also have an adjustable handle for manual operation. Additional exciting features include an on-board 12V battery charger for accessories such as a cell phone, as well as LED headlights that properly light darker areas. Never hit a drain cover or obstacle again! The remote control P/M machines are available in two sizes: a 30-inch grinding width for handling projects 10,000 SF (929 M2) or over, as well as a 44-inch width for handling projects 20,000 SF (1,858 M2) and over. Also, available in 240V 3 Phase or 480V.

Unique Features:

  • Hand-held Remote Control console with built-in "S-curve motion" which works as the machine travels both forward and backward
  • 180-degree hair-pin turn capability
  • LED Headlights to illuminate dark areas
  • Shock-absorbent, lever-operated weight system for easy transfer of weight from front to back for head pressure or tipping machine back for transportation
  • On-board battery charger with an extra battery for RC console
  • 12V DC port for charging accessories, such as a cell phone
  • Shock-absorbent ride-on seat with foot rests
  • 1HP motors in each wheel for additional traveling power
  • Quick-release pins in wheels for RC mode or traditional mode
  • Adjustable handle on back of machine with hand controls for traditional operation
  • 3-inch hose for dust collection
  • Detachable front wheel for easy transportation
  • Two sized models: 30-inch & 44-inch widths
  • Available in 240V 3 Phase or 480V

Prep/Master® Jr.

Ideal for Polishing Projects up to 1,000 SF/ 93 M2

P/M Jr & underneath

Special Features:

  • NEW & IMPROVED design and performance for our smallest addition!
  • Heavy head pressure for better grind and polish
  • Magnetic LED Light to illuminate front of machine or behind machine on the cutting path
  • Easy disassembly of machine into two sections for transportation (grinding head weight=260 lbs. & handle weight=130 lbs.)
  • Screw-in Carrying Poles for two-three person lifting
  • 8-gallon (30 litres) water tank
  • On-board USB Charger & Phone Carrier
Item #823752201

Motor 7.5 HP, Variable Speed Drive | 5.6kW Tools Needed 6
Power Source 220-240V Single Phase, 40A Tools RPM 250-500 RPM Variable
Weight (including pocket weights) 455 lbs. | 206 kg Tools Attachment Style EG Proprietary Attachment System
Dimensions 50" L x 23" W x 48" H
127cm x 58cm x 122cm
Vacuum Hose Connection 2" | 50 mm (sold separately)
Working Width 23 in. | 58 cm Recommended Vacuum 3003G (300CFM) or equivalent

Production Rates
Mastic Removal Thin Set Removal Mil Coatings Removal Concrete Polishing
200 SF / 19 M2 per hour 200 SF / 19 M2 per hour 50 SF / 5 M2 per hour 300 SF / 28 M2 per hour



STI Diamond Systems for the Prep/Master® Jr.
Polished Concrete  Terrazzo Polishing
EGT Diamond System
Dry Polishing
CLC diamond system
Wet-Dry Polishing
Terrazzo Polishing

Main Features of the
P/M Jr.

Prep to Polish with P/M Jr.
Time Lapse - 200SF in 2.5 Hours!

How to Disassembly &
Reassemble the P/M Jr.

P/M Jr. Machine Manual
Download Machine Manual
P/M Jr. Sales Flyer
Download Sales Flyer
P/M Jr. Specification Sheet
Download Spec Sheet

STI Cord Cart

STI cord cart with hoseKeeps your electrical cords & hoses out of the dust & slurry as you grind and polish!
  • Becomes an instant "cord tender" for one operator - follows right along as you grind and polish
  • Anti-slip tape & velcro attachments hold vacuum hose and electric cords securely in place
  • Very easy to use
  • Cleanup is a snap
  • Each package contains two cord carts


Item #: 607018473 (2 carts/pkg)

Package Contents Set of 2 dollies
Dimensions 8" x 8" x 3-5/8" (20cm x 20cm x 7.6cm)
Load Capacity 500 lbs (227 kg)
Wheel Size 2" x 3/4" Rubber Casters (5cm x 2cm)

STI Cord Cart — Watch How It Works!